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When you go to the country/city for the first time, one of my joys is to try local food (with local people.) I love trying local food as I believe food grown in the area is best and I want to find out myself. (As I come to think of it, I cannot still get over how good tomatoes were in Monaco when I visited the country for the conference DayOne, where we discussed Wellness.) I am fortunate as I rarely get sick trying local food.
Food is a hot topic right now and has been discussed and debated at many conferences and seminars. DayOne as described is one of them, and we addressed the food topic for the first time at our SINCA session (featured photo) held on October 25-with good healthy food during networking! (As I gather some information, I was amazed at how many people/teams have been working on different aspects of food-food tech, sustainability, food loss, hunger etc.)
So I wrote on the power of food on Opinion column of the Japan Times The article is published on page 8 of the Nov. 13 issue of the Japan Times (Photo looks rather serious, though I think we can have lot of smiles when we eat together…. Photo on the left is the one w my 97 year old Dad w big smile after we had dinner together. ) You can access online version of the article here. For the past articles I wrote on this column can be found here.
As food has many interesting aspects and relevant to all of us, I would like to discuss more in the future at SINCA and other sessions. In the meantime, I am enjoying good food! (I also love to cook and try new recipes….)

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