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Last Friday, Oct. 25, we hosted the SINCA vol. 13 at WeWork Nogizaka.  (I wrote very short blog entry right after the session.) The topic was Food Tech.  We wanted to address the topic of food (it was almost the first time for SINCA to address the food in general, other than company sponsored sessions under Davos.. in Tokyo series.)  as I saw how popular the topics of wellness and variety of new food such as Beyond Beef in many places in Canada this summer.  (The photo is the Beyond Beef I BBQed in British Columbia. It tasted very good!)

At DayOne in Monaco I participated about 10 days ago, wellness was one of the three major topics and many food-related presentations were made, including the one by Nicky on Social Gastronomy.

I was fortunate to find the two guest speakers, Hiro Tanaka and Akiko Okada, both from Sigmaxyz, who organized Smart Kitchen Summit 2019 Japan in early August. Before the session, I interviewed both of them and heard  many interesting remarks such as well being and wellness, etc.(the video of interview will  become available soon.)

At the session, they shared their interesting background at the beginning and showed the video clip from Smart Kitchen Summit 2019 (it seemed very crowded with high energy).  Then they explained the world trend around food, and players in this space such as food manufacturers, appliance manufacturers, retailers and many start-ups.  It was quite amazing how quickly the topic has caught attention of people and organizations of various kinds, (not as much in Japan yet,  as contrasted with the rest of the world, but steadily increasing.)

Their presentation had so much information that I need to wait until our session video becomes available (we will post it on the website.)  One of the concept that interested me in particular, in food tech space, was the huge potential of connecting via food.  Food could serve as catalyst for the people to get to know and form the community.  With technology of connecting our wellness condition such as overweight etc. we can figure out what kind of food to eat.  I thought the smart phone application of identifying the availability of potential food loss was very interesting, too.

As single person household is increasing in Japan (and elsewhere), it will provide great opportunity for people to connect (virtually) with others when they eat.  In fact, I went to have dinner with my 97 year old Dad at his senior residence last night and found many elderly people were eating alone at the restaurant.  If we could connect them with their friends virtually and/or with some recipe they like, it will be good to bring them together in spirit.  I am very excited to see many more startups and innovation in this space.

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