Successfully finishing SINCA launch (photo on the left is of panel),  the month of October has come with typhoon and we are back into the busy season of symposiums and conferences.  This evening  we co-hosted the Global Agenda Seminar series with the Thunderbird School of Global Management for the first time.

For the rest of this week, I am scheduled to join the panel at Global Corporate Ladies tomorrow, October 2 at International House of Tokyo, followed by the Global Innovation & Value Summit on Friday where I serve as one of the panelists

On Saturday, I will give a talk at Vital Japan organized by Yasu Oda, whom we had as one of the guest speakers for Global Agenda Seminar series. I believe GIVS is still open for registration, though Vital Japan has already closed the application.  All of these events are done in English.  After all, there are many opportunities to get exposed to new ideas and communication in English. Featured photo is of the SINCA team I have worked with to make SINCA happen over the past several months.  They ARE my great asset and friends….(I will write more on SINCA soon. So stay tuned..)