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P1010350Sunrise and sunset is beautiful in Kauai where I am for vacation.  As I walk back along the beach after I am finished with my exercise routine before 7:00 a.m., I come across with some people who set the camera to catch the sunrise.  It is BEAUTIFUl and breathtaking view.

I decided to join them and take a photo of the sun rise from the fourth floor terrace.  I tried with myself in front with the sunrise in the back yesterday.  As I obviously looked as P1010351if I just got off the treadmill or something yesterday, I decided to give another try this morning.  But I could NOT find the sun!  The clouds were there at the very time the sun was rising from the sea level. (I do not recall what was the term to describe the sea level.)

So here are three photos–one of the sunrise itself, one with me with the sunrise in the back and the last with me WITHOUT the sun!  While I was writing this, the song came P1010364to my mind, “I’ll follow the sun” by the Beatles.  It was a pretty song.

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