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wrote about aircrafts flying over on D Day on my Japanese blog.  It was such an impressive scene and stays in my mind.

For some reason, I recalled the movie I saw recently, Mary Poppins Returns by Disney.  I liked the movie, and the scene which comes back to my mind is that Mary Poppins and kids flying high with umbrella or ball oon (I know Mary Poppins has umbrella, but I believe the kids are flying with balloons, and not umbrella. In the official theatre trailer, the kite shows up.  It seems that aircrafts on D Day celebration, Mary Poppins flying with umbrella and kids with balloons and kites all create some image in my mind.

As I often write, I love flying and once thought about learning how to fly with pilot license.  I gave up the idea as I do not know where I can fly in Japan, but my love and fascination with flying seems to create exciting image.  You may feel it is so strange, but it may be a good idea to start a new week with light topic…

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