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I went to the clinic this afternoon to get flu shot. I meant to do that as it takes two to three weeks for the flue shot to work.  I also heard that some schools are already closed due to flu and I was afraid with the recent crazy schedule of mine, I could go down.  I knew that you are not supposed to do strenuous exercise and to drink alcohol on the day you get flu shot.  I did my daily workout this morning (with a bit of rush), and had no plans to have alcohol this evening.  So I figured it would be a perfect day.

When I went to the clinic next door (very convenient), quite a few people were waiting.  But they were already finished with the doctor and were waiting to pay or to set up next appointment.  In 5 minutes or so after I walked into the clinic, I was the only one waiting there, I took temperature and doctor asked me few more questions, gave me the shot.

Now I have an illusion that I am already protected against flu! Let us see whether my illusion  works…

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