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Unlike the past several warm days lifting everybody’s (mine, for sure), spirit, it seems that spring is hesitating to be serious.  As I finished (I hope) sorting papers for tax return/review of last year’s activities after several days of struggle, I decided to go out to bike at the park to refresh myself.

I ran into three kids I know quite well who live in the same apartment complex and asked them whether it is cold outdoor (they was just back from the walk/play out). All of them said “IT IS COLD!”   So I came back to my room to put layers of clothes and went out.  It was indeed gusty and cold.

And yet, I saw some flowers blooming.  I took a different route from my regular route and took some photo.  They are very lovely and are ready for Hanami, it seems.  At the front door of my apartment complex, there is a pot of cherry blossoms which are now slowly blooming.

I hope we will have spring soon.  We need warm and nice weather which can brighten up our mind.   To warm myself up, I plan to cook Onion gratin soup tonight!

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