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Yesterday, I was given the chance to join the flight on the small plane in Kauai.  The first flight I had in December, last year, was SO exciting that I even started thinking about pilot’s license!  So when I arrived in Kauai, I sent a note to find out more about the flight lessons and license.  Then my friend sent a note that they may fly the next day and want to know whether I want to come.  YES! was my answer. (What else do you expect?)

j&con plane (2)I was waiting for the note early yesterday morning whether we could fly or not.  We had some rain and it was quite foggy.  But the plan was GO and I drove to the airport.  We had another lady join us (their family) and three of us took off.  In the first half of the flight, I was sitting in the back seat, which was also very nice with a bit different perspective.  I felt so free  as we were flying over the coastline and over the canyon.

j&con plane (1)Rather than going around the island (as last time, I believe), we decided to reverse our course to head back, as there was some clouds ahead of us.  We landed in the Port Allen airport as it was not clear whether Lihue airport where we took off was good enough (they had fog!)

After we checked the weather over Lihue, we took off again to head back to Lihue airport.  In the second half of the flight, I was in the front seat.  We did not see as many helicopters as last time (probably due to the weather and the holidays)

My friend who flew the plane told me more about the pilot license.  I will check more about it and see what I can do!  (One of his best suggestions was to think about what I will do AFTER I get the license, which I had not thought about!)

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