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I decided to cook steak for dinner tonight.  I found thick steak at grocery store (and it was even on sale!)  and I decided to cook it for a change.  I have NOT eaten red meat at all this year and the last time I had steak was in March when we had dinner with the non-executive directors of the company and the staff.  I recall the occasion very clearly as it was one of the last dinners we were able to have at the nice restaurant (before emergency declaration) and I talked about my diet of staying away from red meat.

I used to love steak and always ordered steak on the flight, I often cooked myself when I am on vacation, either in British Columbia or Hawaii (BBQ!)

The steak tonight turned out to be great (you can see the photo  though it was a bit messy as I decided to take a photo after I started eating!) I had fresh salmon with Wasabi & soy sauce(I also found at the grocery store)  as appetizer.

It is interesting as my taste must have changed and whenever on the flight I tend to order fish or some light menu.  I also do not drink much these days, even with steak!  (I do have a glass of white wine with fish!)

I have been cooking everyday at home during Covid-19 days and tried quite a few recipes with chicken, fish and vegetables.  I learned about KOJI and marinate fish or meat with soy sauce Koji. (I am a bit hooked as it brings out very nice flavor.) I am also hooked with avocado these days and always pick them at the grocery store. (It appears that avocado from Mexico and other places seek markets!)  You can tell I love good food and cooking.

I also think that eating well is one of the keys to stay healthy.

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