I hope you have had good holidays (sometimes, I wonder what is “good” today, but it was good as we had some sunny and quiet days) and now ready to start a new year 2021.

Emergency declaration or not, Election in Georgie and transition to next President on schedule or not, Time goes on and the world is moving forward.  Now each one of us  can refresh ourselves and determine how we spend each and every day of the first month of the new year.

Our first SINCA session is scheduled for Sunday, January 17, and I am very much looking forward to seeing many of you refreshed and ready to change the world!  Last year, (a few days ago, I made blog entry of the video explaining the topics we discussed at our SINCA sessions in 2020.

This time, we want to try something new-role play so that every participant can play a role.  (My objective of SINCA series is to provide opportunities for as many people as possible to try something new themselves.)  The role we set up is that of interviewer and of interviewee.

Other than job interviews, opportunity to interview with probing questions (i.e. not just the first question, but series of questions to go deeper) and/or being interviewed (or “grilled! as they say),  we may not have many opportunities to learn this important skill.   That is what we try to do at our next SINCA session on Sunday, January 17th.

In small groups, one person plays a role of interviewer and the other member responds to questions simply and to the point.  These skills (of interview and of response briefly to the point) are very important today, as many things pass very quickly and you cannot rewind the tape, so to speak.  Some questions to start off can be “New Year Resolutions” “Plan of action for January etc. with the key being the second and the third questions.

We would like to continue with more detailed and refined type sessions around Q & A during the course of the year.  So think of the one on January 17 as the  initial trial launch,  You can register for the session here.  Hope we see each other on screen, all refreshed and ready!  Looking forward to seeing many of you then.