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This evening (June 22) marks the start of Global Agenda Seminar (GAS) 2017. This seminar series has been held at Roppongi Academy Hills since 2010 and I have served as main facilitator.
Initially we had guest speakers and topics were global agenda such as poverty, education, human rights, food, foreign policy, social investment, space program, music and journalism etc.
Since 3 years ago, we divided the series into part 1 and part 2. Part 1 is the ad hoc seminar with experts in different fields who make presentation. I moderate the session with the experts involving the participants.
Part 2 is a workshop style with fixed members. We have tried to pick up the topic, reflecting the business environment individuals face. For example, we have addressed the need for multiple career, lifelong learning and self branding just to name a few.
This year, we decided to take up “project management” as our main topic and the series run for five months. It is because project type work is becoming more important and in particular, the skills/experience to collaborate with people outside of your own company are in high demand.
This year, we are privileged to have three project clients- British Chamber of Commerce, Finnish Chamber of Commerce and Tobitate Japan exchange programs and follow up Infinite Picture Makers.
This evening, I will explain the background and key success factors of project management etc. Then three project clients will explain their activities and needs. Some 30 participants will form the teams to address any one of the three projects. (We will have 2 teams each.)
There are no formal milestones, and format, except the monthly meeting until November. It will be good experience for the participants to be engaged and manage time. I myself am very much looking forward to it. Stay tuned..

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