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This afternoon, we hosted the first session of Global Agenda Seminar series 2019 at Roppongi Academy Hills. It is the first day of 4-month series with some 30 participants.   This year’s topic is “Working across differences” and today we discussed Diversity in the world today.

I began my presentation (which I prepared this morning) with somer recent activities and events and share my lessons learned.  We they asked each group to share their responses to their experiences they put in their entry sheet.  Each group reported back and we got into general discussion of why we are now so focused on Diversity.  It was an interesting discussion.  After the group photo (which I yet to get), we went to Chinese restaurant in the area for get -together.  I felt so relieved as the first session seemed to go well. (It is critical to launch the series with good first session.)  I am very much .looking forward to exciting four months with the group. Now I can relax!


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