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Every time I make overseas business trips (not just for 2 days or so, but little longer), the first day is a bit unsettling.  I am usually tired and off due to the time zone (though I sleep very well on the flights), overwhelmed by the amount of notes (real mail -which is decreasing in number- and e-mail etc. to be printed out and sorted out etc.) and the need for laundry, grocery shopping etc. to lead daily life back home!

I also feel a bit uncertain as most of these trips leave me with something to think about.   As I usually have busy schedule right after I come back (or rather I plan my trips so that I stay out until the last minute!), I need to prepare slides, outlines, etc. etc. for upcoming seminars, board meetings, etc.   That leaves little time to review the trips and collect my thoughts.

I do not dislike this unsettling feeling and inconclusive thought process which captures me for few days.  I was bothered before by the fact that I have no time to review properly the past activities before I can go on to the next ones.  Nowadays, I feel that as long as I keep thinking and keeping some of my impressions/ideas in the back of my mind, the dots will  be connected sooner or later.  In many cases, it will emerge as new ideas and/or new plan of action.

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