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 I went to the ideaslab session entitled “Design for the New Reality” this morning (still first day). Ideaslab is the interactive brainstorming session engaging the participants.  At first,  four discussion leaders presents ideas in 5 minutes each with several visual slides one after another.  After each presentation, the moderator asks for keywords from the participants and after all the presentations, participants pick the one of the four to join the in-depth group discussion for 25 minutes of so. 

  I debated the choice between the Urban renewal and Gaining understanding through data visualization, as both are the subjects I have been very interested in.  I ended up joining the group on data visualization with Adam Bly of SEED.  It turned out to be a very exciting and inspiring discussion and I had a great time.  The session ended with report out from each of the group.  Data visualization was so exciting and inspiring that I am tempted to explore the possibility of trying something like that. 

  After lunch, I joined the session entitled “Music for Social Change.”  This is another interesting session in which five panelists presented their projects involving music, technology and transformation of the society.  I found it fascinating how combining music and technology (and design) can make so much of an impact on people.  It was very informative as each panelists shared their experience of implementing various projects involving music.  Majority of the panelists are young, representing different countries and with diverse background.  I saw Mrs. Schwab right before the session and said Hello. (She has been very instrumental in bringing music to the WEF, I hear.)  

  I am always amazed and very impressed that the WEF keeps on incorporating the new things such as this every year into the Annual Meeting and on providing opportunities and context for many more people.  In an hour or so, official opening will start at Davos.

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