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This morning we had the first Aikido class for this year.  I take lesson every Sunday from 9:00 a.m.  It has been about a month since the last class, as we had year end and new year break. We eased in to practice and did two types of falls.  Two students for one instructor and it is very nice.   This morning Paul sensei tried videotaping each one of us using iPhone, and showed it to use right after.

It was very good as I could tell what I was doing wrong. I am usually good for one side (the other side is not as smooth), and the difference was obvious when I saw the video.  We also tried something new, not with video, but Paul sensei threw us in two different ways and we point out what is different.  It is also good as we can feel the difference with our body.

Aikido is something you need to practice.  You can read text and watch video, but you need to practice yourself.  (As you get older, you need to do it even more. The kids can learn with their body, but we have to think and follow. Seeing it and/or feeling the difference is much more effective.

I will be sore tomorrow as Aikido uses different muscles (I do daily workout no matter where I am, so I am physically OK, but the next day I am sore here and there.)  As I have been writing these days, it was nice to throw and get thrown.  My stress gets out, it seems.

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