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After spending 5.5 days in Chianti area, I came to Florence with my friend driving Fiat 500 in rain.  Originally, I had planned to come back to Milano to pick up the flight back to Tokyo on the day (i.e. tomorrow), but I changed my plans as the schedule was a bit too tight and I figured that I need to have enough time to carry two suitcases (I could not reduce to 1!) to the station and board the train etc. at the station I am not familiar with.

After consulting with my friend and the owner of the villa we stayed, I reserved the hotel in Florence for one night and came to Florence the day before. It was a good decision as the thunderstorm raged in Chianti last night and the same forecast for today and tomorrow. (In fact, my friend writes that they are right in the middle of storm today there.)  It poured in Florence for a while, and the forecast is some rain, but not storm.

So I am at the hotel near the station and feel relaxed, writing my blog, checking website for information and listening to English podcast which I missed for a few days. After all, this is how I feel so relaxed and free. You might say  why I do so while in Florence, Italy!  To me, this is how I want to spend my vacation….

I enjoyed visiting small towns, market, and cooking pasta, fish etc. and wine in the villa right in the middle of olive tree and grapes with my friend from high school who is so familiar with the area.   It was nice to get away in the peaceful and quiet environment.  It is in a way nice to be back in the city, too.


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