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Today, Nov, 27 was good day I got a lot done.  In the morning, I decided to finish three items for upcoming seminars and draft whose deadline is next week.  I wanted to have some clear milestone, as I felt I relaxed a bit too much yesterday after hectic days. So this morning, I made a promise to myself that I would finish three items.  That was when I found that Yu Koasuge’s piano recital is scheduled this evening.  I had seen the announcement but did not take any action to get ticket etc.

I figured it would be good if I decide to go to the concert this evening AND finish my task by then.  Though I had a bit of difficulty with ticket, I managed it with the help of Yu Kosuge.  I concentrated on my task then and finished all three.  (I need to do slides tomorrow, but that is fine.)

I felt good and went to the concert at Opera City concert hall.  The recital was wonderful and I felt I am back to life with beautiful piano performance.  Akiko’s piano by Dai Fujikura was very unique among the other pieces and it made sharp impression on me.  I believe it was the last of Yu’s series and I was very moved as the audience gave a big and long applause.

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