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I understand that Manga version of the book “For what do you live?” or “What is your purpose?” in Japanese has been extremely popular now. (left is the cover)  As I heard about it from my friends, I bought paperback version of the original book, not manga version. (not yet started.) Tough not  knowing what is written there and why it is so well received, I started thinking about what is purpose/meaning of life.  From my recent experience of having mild depression last month (as I wrote earlier), I came to realize that you almost stumble into your purpose/meaning of life by doing something and taking action without thinking too much about it.  Finding purpose/meaning of life  is far from the product of detailed logical thinking, it seems.
 After mild depression for a while in early part of last month,   now I feel I am alive and have regained my energy and life back. It is because I started DOING something, -some that you come across by chance meeting, and some that you have to solve problems.  Whatever the trigger may be, as I take action, I find out that this is what I love to do.
It is something you “know/find” when you do it. People say that you will know when you see it, but that is exactly how I feel.

Do NOT try to analyze everything, do not try to plan everything.  Time goes by while you are doing that. Live now and here?

It was quite interesting that I ran into some friends of my generation at Australian Day at the embassy. They are semi-retired and are doing something quite different from what they used to do for work.  But they seem to be happy, relaxed and enjoying life (well tanned!)  We had very interesting discussion with free spirit.  With great food from Australia and festive atmosphere, it was nice to see people who are SO alive…

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