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  Video of the session #54 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series held on December 1 is FINALLY ready for your view. As we started with champagne toast and did mini charity auction during networking etc., we were not able to make short video with iPhone and post quickly as in the past several sessions. Thus, finally, the video of report by 7 groups is now ready.
I am grateful for your patience, and may be it is a good timing to show this video as we are in the last week of the year 2017 and getting ready for the new year. (Our topic for brainstorming then was exactly that.)
 There are 7 short video clips of report back from groups. Here is one of them for your information.

As for the proceeds from the mini-charity auction held during the networking, We donated it to Professor Shinya Yamanaka’s iPS fund at Kyoto university.
Now I am in the process of reviewing the Davos.. series and of planning next steps. Our first session for the year 2018 will bring us back to the original concept of Annual meeting of the World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland. I want to brainstorm in Tokyo the topics discussed at Davos on the last day (we need to check technical side of it yet.) For details and registration, go to our site.

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