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This week has been tough and rushed, as the last session of Davos Experience in Tokyo for this year and KMD strategy class took place. For Davos.,, I spent so much time and energy promoting to get participants AND finding items for auction, sending them etc. that I felt I almost had nervous breakdown (I was so short on sleep, too!)
Both were done to my relief for now. But I am well aware of the lack of attention to operational details and practice/rehearsal so that transition works smoothly. I was so disappointed at my self for lack of attention to details.
I have seen how professionals work –they would never compromise and rehearse/prepare until it works perfect AND they often get almost perfect from the first act.
I plan to think it over and study more to get operational skills during the holidays.
Despite headaches, I enjoyed spending time with a variety of people. You can tell how much fun I had from these photos. For those who took photos, please post them on face book. I will download and add to the blog.

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