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These past two weeks, I  managed to put together two Field Study projects (with my colleague and the client organization), and  projects for Independent Research on global agenda for the MBA students at ICS.   Both of these subjects are offered either in March (Field Study) and/or anytime between March and July(Independent Research.)

I supervised the Field Study, which is a consulting project the students teams do for the client organization, over the past three years.  This year, we (faculty in charge of the Field Study) decided to team-teach (or supervise) projects.   We have been trying to find some potential Field study projects and have come across with one great possibility recently.

We met with the executives this last Tuesday, discussed the possible topics and other arrangement.  We agreed on the two topics and introduced them to the students yesterday.   I am personally very excited about the project and hope many students will apply, because Field Study will expose the students the “real issues” in the “real world”, and will provide opportunity for them to apply what they have learned during Term 1 and 2.  At the same time, we try to define the scope of the topic so that the client organization will benefit from our team’s work.  We greatly appreciate the company which has been very supportive and generous to have given us the opportunity.

As for the Independent Research, I did not offer any project in the past two years or so, as I have been too busy to spend enough time with the students.  This year, however, I came up with the idea of offering the project, this year, in collaboration with the Global Agenda Seminar.

I am scheduled to be a main coordinator of the year-long Global Agenda Seminar series(GAS) at Academy Hills starting in January, 2010.  This is quite an ambitious project and  I am very much committed.  I have done quite a few meetings, articles etc. to promote the GAS.

In the process of preparing a plan for the GAS,  I thought it would be great if ICS students can do something similar to GAS, but in a smaller scale and in much shorter term.  (The term for Independent Research is until July, and not till December.)

Global Agenda such as global health, water, poverty, climate change etc. require collaboration of the public and private sectors, academia and civil society to be resolved.  In the Competitiveness course I teach in April and May at ICS, we often discuss the need for collaboration, and the synergy effect of competitiveness among firms, countries, clusters, continents, and the world.   Multi-stakeholder approach to resolve the global agenda is very needed today, not only for the government, but also for the companies.

Because ICS students are very diverse, representing various countries and background, I thought it would be ideal for them to do research on global agenda–whether from the company’s perspective in the form of case study, from the organization’s perspective such as Table for Two, or from the government point of view.

I am hoping that many students will apply for both Field Study and Independent Research.  Online application has just opened. Let us see how it develops.

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