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16d99c93-1e4c-4db9-955d-43c15756f8ce_960As informed you before,  we will host session #34 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series in a week on Friday, February 12. As Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum finished in Davos, Switzerland two weeks ago and many reports such as Future of Jobs and Talent Global Competitiveness Index are launched related to jobs, we will discuss what will happen to jobs and employment in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and what actions we need to take to prepare ourselves.
Our guest is Soichiro Minami of BizReach Inc. who participated in AM for the first time as Young Global Leader. We will ask his impression of AM, and how he sees his business of career networking service and job search engine in the world trend toward new work style etc.
large_urU4ZCHNkzOgYV2gQH0Tcl6UJh3LWYaYQWzU8yr-r-sOne thing which is absent in Japan for jobs/employment, as compared with the rest of the world,  is the need for re-skilling and for lifelong learning. It is almost certain that everyone of us will have multiple careers in the years to come, and we need to renew ourselves constantly to keep up with the changes brought about through the Fourth Industrial Revolution. What actions are needed now? Are we ready?   Sign up for the session through our website. It is filling up very quickly. So do it now!

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