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Today, June 16, is Father’s day.  So I cooked dinner for my Dad.  I have been quite busy these days, but wanted to make sure that I do something for my Dad on Father’s day.

Some events were scheduled today such as TEDxTodai (I believe), but I skipped everything except the session No.  2 of the Global Agenda Seminar 2013.  It was rather fortunate that we did not have get-together scheduled after the GAS 2013 session!

I had decided on the menu beforehand and had prepared some food in advance, as I knew I needed to rush home after the GAS 2013 session.

I managed and my Dad and I had nice dinner of steak with appetizer.  I wrote a nice card for Father’s day, too.

He was happy to come and ate everything I prepared!  I was so happy that he finished everything. Lately, he lost appetite and had lost some weight, too.    We talked for a while over dinner, and I showed him some photo from the charity dinner etc.

He asked me whether we did something for my mother for Mother’s Day, as he began wondering whether we did something for her.  I assured him that I made a card for her, had dinner with her for every Mother’s Day.  (Some years,  it was a bit late, as I was out of the country on Mother’s day.)     He was pleased that we celebrated every Mother’s Day when she was with us.

These days, he seems to wonder whether he did all he could for her before we lost her.  It is the emotion people have when you lose your loved ones.  We often wonder whether we could have done more.   It was a good Father’s Day for both of us.

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