IMG_0219 This evening (June 17), I invited my 94-year-old Dad over for dinner to celebrate Fathers’ day at my apartment. Fathers’ day is on Sunday, but I have commitment that evening, and am afraid that I will not be able to do it tomorrow as I am to give a talk at ICS Alumni day. According to my policy? of not postponing what I can do today, and “the sooner, the better” principle?, I did it today.
It was rather hectic as I received “urgent” note, had to prepare for telephone interview on Future of Economic Growth and Social Inclusion in the evening, in addition to two meetings–one for Davos Experience in Tokyo in July and the other on start-up by young people.  I somehow managed to cook dinner and to arrange cab for my Dad to come to my place by asking the staff at his senior residence.
As I finished my interview over the phone as scheduled, my Dad showed up. I went down to get him and brought him on wheelchair to my place.
We had dinner together (he has good appetite) and I told him what I did this past week.  (This is what I used to do every weekend when I visited my parents in Yokohama before my Mother passed away.)  I gave him the Father’s Day card with small gift. (I wanted to give him digital photo frame, but have not figured out how and ran out of time!)
After coffee and dark chocolate, while listening to good music on CD, he left by cab. As he was leaving, he noticed the photo of him and my mother. He said he wished my mother (his wife) would have been around. It was obvious he misses her. Though my mother was missing, I am glad that we were able to celebrate Father’s day together.