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Today, I went to see the Fashion Show by Aguri Sagimori, alumni of Vantan Design School.  It was a part of Tokyo Fashion Week held at Tokyo Midtown. As I serve on the advisory board of Vantan Research,  I was invited to see it. The place was packed and the show was fabulous.  It was rather short (about 15 minutes), but showed her style.  I love her style which is sharp and natural. (I am not an expert in fashion, so my expression may be quite off!)

It was by coincidence that I heard on podcast this morning about the revival of American heritage style among kids in the U.S.  Wall Street Journal this morning (Monday version) talked about that teenage kids started wearing their grandparents’ clothes such as varsity sweater and tweed jacket.

I do not know whether it is nostalgia for good old days or something new, but  fashion does go through cycle, I believe.

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