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This afternoon, I was given a great opportunity to try Rez Infinite VR version developed by Tetsuya Mizuguchi. I have known Tetsuya for some time since I saw him at TEDxTokyo several years ago. Though I am not a game player, I found his concept and game (without doing!) intriguing and followed him along at Innovative City Forum etc.
As he teaches at KMD where I used to teach, I asked him to let me join his workshop on “wants.” I also saw him at Talk show with Yoichi Ochiai at AXIOM few months ago.
I wanted to visit him at the office and he invited me to the Rev Infinite VR version for media today.
I had no idea what Rez Infinite VR version would be as I just saw the video which showed him move along so smoothly through high speed highway like maze. He let me try wearing the suits to try! It was when I found out it is the shooting game! I had known that it is a combination with music, too.
At the beginning they let me take easy ones (it seems) and I was able to shoot and the music went along. Then I got confused (and probably the game got harder) and I had trouble finding the enemy and shoot. Music did not move forward! It was then I stopped.
It was so fascinating (even for the novice like me) that I could be hooked! I am grateful to Tetsuya and his staff. Thank YOU for the great experience.
I heard that they would have VR to Dome: Rev Infinite Saturday evening June 3 at Miraikan. I will definitely be there. So check it out!
Here is a trailer of Rez Infinite VR.

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