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IMG_8222 I went to the Farmers Market at Shops at Kukui’ula this afternoon.  I believe this is rather new as they did not have anything like this last year.  It is “typical” Farmers market where some local growers of vegetables/fruits sell their produce, as well as restaurants serving some specialty foods. For vegetables, they had kale, greens, avocados among others.  For fruits, apple bananas, Papaya, pineapple as well as coconuts.  I sampled different kinds of jam, curd and macademia nuts, anything I can sample!

It began at 3:30 pm and I got there around 3:45 pm, but the place was packed with tourists who have arrived for Christmas.  I could not find the parking and parked my car somewhere else and walked.

IMG_8223  They also had live music, which added Christmas spirits.   They were serving many kinds of foods such as burger, tacos, lasagna, paella among others and pies, baked goods etc.  After checking all of them, I opted for chicken tacos, which was good. (I finished my supper with Grande Latte at SB-it has been a while since I had latte at SB!)

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