The first day of Far East Forum organized by the World Economic Forum began for me with the private meeting entitled “Resilience in the Hyper Connected World”.  I heard the new concept of “Technology for Humanities” and found it quite inspiring.  After the initial remarks to set up the context, we were divided into three groups  1) How to use technology to empower individuals 2) How to use technology for disaster situation and 3) How to deal with the cyber security.

I joined the first group on empowering individuals and we were expected to develop a headline indicating the state then in 2020. We discussed enablers and inhibitors as well as the steps to get to the state we identified. As participants represented a variety of expertise, we had interesting discussion, some of which were very similar to what we had discussed in class on Monday on privacy.

The second meeting was entitled “Mind the Gaps regarding the integration of ASEAN.”  I joined the group on Connectivity and Infrastructure.  Two other groups were on Trade & supply chain and Governance.  The moderator, a friend of mine, was very good pushing up to specific actions by intervening in the discussion.  (I learned a lot from it.)

I went to the room for the session the next day to check the set up and make sure the procedure is right. After some discussion on how we should start, which slides to show, how to allocate time, etc. we (WEF staff and me) felt comfortable enough.

receptionThe first day ended with the Welcome reception nearby.  The venue was packed with people and I met with some from Japan. (I hear there are some 90 people from Japan attending this EA Forum.)   As I needed some rest to be ready for the session to moderate the next day, I came home early to get some rest.