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After spending a few days with my family in New York, I am back home.  Yesterday, I called my parents in 80s and 90s right after I arrived at Narita and told them that I would com e & visit them today.  They were worried as I must have been tired and told me to come when I get some rest.

So I spent all day today going over the papers piled up while I was away, planning classes next week, when I received a note from a medical doctor for my mother.  She said that my mother’s condition is deteriorating, and I called them immediately.  My mother sounded like a different person from yesterday.  So I went to see them right away.

I told them about my trip, how I spent time in New York with my step sons & their families and my parents seemed happy.  I am so glad that I went there tonight.  You realize how important your family is.

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