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 After a long day with series of meetings, I went to have dinner with my 95-year old Dad at his senior residence. I usually have dinner with him on weekend whenever I am in Tokyo.
I tried to call him in advance to tell him I am coming, but had difficulty getting through him, and asked people at senior residence to leave a message.
When I showed up at his residence, he looked very pale and a bit out of it. I was quite worried as I have not seen him that pale and frail.
We went back to his room and took a photo together. (on the left)  By then, his face looked brighter. (as you can see from the photo.)

We then went to the dining room to have dinner together. He ate some, but not too much. Though I sensed that he was a bit out of it, I kept talking about what I have done this week and my day.(I used to do the same when I visited my parents at their house in Yokohama almost every weekend before my mother passed away several years ago. My mother who was almost bed ridden in the last few years before she passed away loved me talk about my activities and people I encounter.  She may not have understood it all, but she seemed  happy to hear and I was happy to tell her -and my Dad- about what I did every week.)

It was not clear whether my Dad understood what I was talking about, but he seemed to enjoy my company. As we kept talking, he seemed to regain himself and his face lit up. I felt the family ties and the power that family has on people. (People at his residence often says that his smile is different when I come.)

I was listening to English podcast news from Puerto Rico which was hit so hard by hurricane Maria. They have no electricity, fresh water and short on food, but what seemed most serious is that they have no way to communicate as cell phone towers were almost all destroyed. When reporter who report news from Puerto Rico let people use their phone to call their family, they sound so happy and get their life back.  It clearly shows how much of power family love means to people and gives life to people.

We may forget about the power of family ties as many of us are so busy, but these two events remind me how important family ties and love are.

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