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Since I came back from British Columbia where it was 50s/60s during the day and clear/crisp two days ago, I seem to encounter another example of climate change. Except several hours yesterday which was hot and humid, the rain continued. (I hear the month of August had few days with no rain!)
 It  poured sometime yesterday evening and dinner with my Dad at our favorite eel restaurant became quite a challenge.

Today turned out to be very hectic day as we had early morning meeting (i.e. I had little time for breakfast except smoothie and latte.) and had to skip last part of the meeting to go to the UK Japan Business Forum without time for lunch. (It was great that they prepared sandwich in the bag so that I could eat in the car!)

I learned several things about innovation through partnerships with UK and Japanese companies as well as possibility in the area of sports and art.
I had to skip the last part of the Forum, however, as I was scheduled to have teleconference as preparation for the meeting in October. We had good discussion over the phone. Now I am almost finished with preparing the outline of the talk on Saturday. As I still feel the effect of jet lag, I will continue my task tomorrow.

Probably due to the Mindfulness practice over the past week (I did only briefly in the car today!) I do not feel too stressed out, despite the series of inquiries and requests, some of which I could not respond in the past few days. I will find out more about Mindfulness based stress reduction tomorrow at Davos Experience in Tokyo series. I DO need it very much, so it is a great timing!

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