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 Today, August 28 and tomorrow, August 29, we are having Faculty Summer Camp at KMD.  It is a good opportunity for me to reflect and review what I have done since I joined KMD this last April and to ask many questions I have.   I understand this type of faculty camp takes place twice a year and I think it is an excellent idea.   As any new institution such as KMD (and ICS, as I reflect back over 10 years ago) is being built, we have many issues we need to discuss as issues emerge as we proceed.  It is for this reason that I love joining the new institutions.  (For ICS, I joined as one of the founding members, and for KMD, I am joining in its fourth year since it began in 2008. )

  We talk about various issues including curriculum, projects, etc.  We do have faculty meeting every other week, but we need intensive time like the camp so that we can discuss without worrying about time. Discussion continues into late at night and into tomorrow.  I am sure I will have much better idea about what we are trying to accomplish at KMD (though it is our consensus that diversity is one of the uniqueness of KMD!) by the end of the camp tomorrow afternoon.

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