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Texas is known for mild weather. throughout the year as far as I know.  It could be very hot in the summer, but freezing weather below zero is almost unheard of in Texas.  (As I reflect, I have been in Texas few times, and not an expert!)

These several days all we hear about Texas is that there are no electricity, no heat and now no water and food.  It appears that extreme cold weather in Texas (and other parts of the US including Northeast, this weekend) was much more extreme than anybody had forecast.  It is hard to believe that staying at home with no heat or no electricity for more than four days.  Now water and food is also in such shortage.

It appears that climate change or climate crisis has become such a significant topic at the G7 meeting, in addition to Covid-19.  Now anybody can see that climate crisis is on us.  I understand that we need international collaboration now.  How to make it happen so that future generation will not shoulder all the burdens.  With what is happening in many parts of the world almost beyond our comprehension, it is OUR task to find out more about it, take whatever action we can take and proceed.  No time to hesitate, no time just to discuss, it is time to act!

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