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FullSizeRender (33)Sometimes I receive inquiries and recommendations for the speaker/panelist candidates for the international abcconferences I have attended in the past. They usually ask for people who have a view/experience on xxx topic and can share them with others.
I am happy to receive these questions and look for people sometimes in my own network and often ask my friends for recommendations and references. What I encounter often is that the people recommended have limited exposure in English and I have difficulty giving references to show their potential.
I know that there are quite a few people who can add a lot of value to the conferences/seminars with their expertise and experiences, if only they have references in English.
We have such a variety of media to express ourselves today–video, tweet, blog posting etc. I wish people will make the best of the diverse media potential to make an impact. (For the next few years, I believe English remains as global de-facto standard and function as the most effective and efficient medium to reach the world.)
So here is my advice. Try to express something in English step by step. (as the poster above recommends) You can start by adding your own comment when you retweet (suggestion I heard from Twitter people at the recent round table discussion) and/or ask questions in English at the seminar/conferences. It is when you start (NOW!) and continue one step at a time.

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