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The interview  I did for the women’s initiative forum in Tokyo 2016 was uploaded last week on Nikkei website. It is in Japanese and the headline reads “Take action, explain your ideas around.” I have practiced what I preach? in a way these few days and have been amazed at the magic it generates.
FullSizeRender (27) Yesterday, I attended the directors’ meeting of Philharmonic Chorus of Tokyo (Toukon) for the first time. Listening to the issues other members explained, I asked typical questions we ask for business such as who are our customers, etc. AND asked whether some ideas found lately in the technology area among youth could be applied to chorus group. It seems some may be quite effective for Toukon..
I watched the rehearsal for the TV show (Concert with no name) where Toukon and Kazuki Yamada performed. (I found out that they are rehearsing today and asked whether I could come.) I have seen rehearsals in New York and in Boston and love it.
I find Kazuki’s approach to teach amateur chorus groups (they are excellent!) very inspiring and interesting. In particular, I was very impressed with how high school students behave so naturally! Regardless of the field and of the difference in techniques, the basic principle of conveying the original message of the composer/writer is the same, I felt.
IMG_9640Another example of seeing ideas combined was over lunch I had with my young friends of Cross Fields, NPO. We were discussing the next steps of the NPO’s activities and I mentioned the need I see in my other activities -namely the management of music and art organizations. It seems that the ideas could be combined and will have good market potential.
It gives you encouragement when you see the effect of your actions and makes you continue your effort to creative and innovative project. It has continued to be fun. At the same time, I am convinced that the younger generation (including high school students) are so full of energy, vitality and great ideas.  Our future is bright!

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