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 I had interesting discussion two days in a row, from which I learned many great lessons.  The first was the discussion we had for Porter Prize 2010.  This year, I chair the Porter Prize committee and we had 3-hour conference to discuss strategies etc. of the companies which applied with other members of the committee. After discussion from various aspects, we came to the conclusion.   As a Chair of the committee, I was responsible to explain the whole process and outcome to the members of the advisory board who are overseas via teleconferencing. 

  We explained the background, the process, and the reasons etc.  As everything was done in English via teleconferencing, I stumbled here and there, while explaining.  I got help from others in describing the core element of the strategies  of each company.  We received questions and responded, and we asked questions  and asked for comments as well.  

 In the end, I heard the member of the advisory board overseas make brief, but to-the-point summary of the whole discussion.  I felt “Wow! That is the way I could have done from the beginning!”  It was short, succint, and yet, captured the key part of our discussion.  Even though it was very late at night, I felt very inspired as I felt that I have found the model that I can follow.

  The next day was the day of the Global Redesign Workshop, organized  by the World Economic Forum with the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Global Security Research Institute at Keio University.  The topic was “Implementing Human Security: From Multilateral to Multidimensional Cooperation.”  Quite broad and an ambitious topic, I felt at the beginning. 

  As co-discussion leader of one of the breakout groups, I was expected to report back the discussion in our breakout session to the whole group.  I tried (or rather struggled) to summarize our  discussion on Sustainability, which was quite a challenge.  Then I remembered the summary the night before and ended up using some of the concept I had heard then.  Interestingly, there was some common thread between the two, though the topic was very different.  I could not make my “report back” as succinct and to-the-point of the summary the night before.  However, I felt very fortunate as I was given the opportunity so soon to try thinking and  technique I just learned.    

  Though it was two intense days back to back (and naturally I was quite exhausted physically), it was very inspiring.  I have something that I can go after now. I hope I myself can do “Wow” summary sometime in  the future.

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