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 On Tuesday, Feb. 1, we tried ideaslab like session for my Competitiveness course.  I invited four guests who work for the international organizations to discuss Social value and the multi-stakeholder collaboration by the private & public sectors and civil society in resolving global issues such as poverty, food, refugees, climate change etc. 

  I had been looking for opportunities to try ideaslab like format which I love (I wrote about it several times in Davos series on my blog).  That morning (i.e. Tuesday!), the idea came up to me, “Why not try it for the Competitiveness class today?”  I got very excited and sent a note to four guests explaining the format of ideaslab. 

 Officially (i.e. the way it is conducted at Davos), it consists of a series of 5 minute presentation each by the speaker, followed by quick discussion by the participants re: keywords & reactions.  The presentation consists of 15 or so slides of visuals (not text) changing every 20 seconds automatically. Each speaker raises a question s/he wants the participants to brainstorm. 

  After all the presentations, the participants choose any one of the speakers and brainstorm as a group for 30 minutes or so.  Report back from each group follows.

  The guests we had for the class on Tuesday were from Table for Two, Human Rights Watch, UNHCR and World Wildlife Fund.  Each guest explained their activities and raised the question such as “how to increase the number of individuals who would donate”, etc.  The brainstorming session was quite lively and good for the first attempt.

  It was with such a short notice that we did not quite do exactly the way it is supposed to do. For example, I could not ask guests to prepare 15 slides in few hours!  But I really wanted to capture the opportunity to try it, as I thought it would be a good occation to try new format.  I learned from doing it and would like to explore more opportunities to try the format.

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