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This morning, I went to see Media Ambition Tokyo 2019 at Mori art museum in Roppongi. I was determined to go and was happy to see many interesting exhibits and installations.  I tried arranging Tatami mat, Poke Go AR, WOW YADORU among other things. I was intrigued by the deep blue color of Lexus and found it interesting that even at night it is in deep blue, rather than black etc.  (The color of LEXUS is reflection of light, I hear, so I had wondered in what color it shows at night!)

 It was fun to walk along the path to see Pokemon characters and also see our faces (we took photo) in Kokeshi doll’s faces. (I took a photo of myself, but seemed to miss the timing to see my face in the center Kokeshi.)

Landscape and Mass by Yoichio Ochiai was very interesting, and I thought it would give a very different impression when it is dark outside. I wanted to try Synesthesia X1, but all tickets for today were gone. I was overwhelmed by the size of HAKUTO Moon Lander and Moon Rover. I want to try Yarinage Moon by Yspace next time I come. (Hours are 3:00 to 7:00 pm)  Art thinking :Interpreter for Alien is an interesting idea I may want to try at one of my sessions.

Mori Museum was so crowded by the people who came to see Hokusai exhibition, but MAT was not too bad and you can enjoy the walk, enjoying different installations AND nice view of Tokyo…

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