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 Last night, we had the third meeting to plan the next steps of seminar/workshop series. This group is quite unique in that all have sense of speed (often found outside of Japan), some skills/knowledge to complement each other AND the strong will to try new things. I have so much fun working with them and often find myself very inspired and stimulated. (Photo I used yesterday was from the last meeting, and now that I have the one of the latest, I switched. See left.) (One person has already left. I look like I just came back from the beach…)
This is one of the activities you forget time and you do not feel tired, as you are so engaged.
As I reflect back, I had similar experience about a decade ago when some of us got together to develop new vision and new strategy of the organization which just renewed itself. We recruited young professional with skills and will to get things done. We ended up meeting almost every weekend, and had so much fun. When you are engaged, you feel that you live your life! What a luxury! I am so grateful.

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