I have written about St. Gallen Symposium held every year several times. (Last time I was there was in 2014,)

This year, I almost had a chance to go there, as one of the topic leaders. Unfortunately, as it was the last minute request and I could not change the flights which I had already made to go to NYC around that time, I had to give up, to my great regret.
However, you can join and follow the symposium by tweet and other media. This year’s topic is Dilemma of Disruption and there will be quite a few participants from Japan both as leaders of today and leaders of tomorrow. I had the privilege to attend the annual meeting/reception of St, Gallen Club of Japan held at Swiss Residence the other day(Photo on the left)  and again am very excited about this great place for dialogue. They usually have excellent group of speakers, but the most exciting part is the session with leaders of tomorrow. This year, Japanese representatives include Dr. Yoichi Ochiai,(I believe)  whom I got to know. Find out about the program and follow them.