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Today (December 5) was such a memorable day for me.I had lunch with my friend, Dai Fujikura and we got kicked out of the Japanese restaurant as we were so absorbed in interesting conversation! (They wanted to close the place after lunch!)
Then I had the opportunity to attend Philips Partnership Meetup and saw very interesting presentations by Mr. Tsutsumi, CEO of Philips Japan and Dr. Toya about the home care etc. (I ran into two of my young friends, one was MC of the occasion and the other I met briefly last Friday at Davos.. in Tokyo event after some time). It is nice to see many young talented people doing what they do best.

Then I went to the memorial party of Katsunari Konya who passed away exactly one year ago. I saw many of my friends including his wife, Tomoko Namba. I was struck by many photos of the two looking so happy together.

The big news of the day was that Yoshiharu Habu won Shogi Ryuoh title from Akira Watanabe and he is now Eisei (permanent grand master) of 7 major titles of Shogi.  This is such an accomplishment that made my day!

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