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Yesterday, I had a pleasure to join M. Tange, founder of Shift Inc. and F. Iwasa, producer for lunch at French Kitchen terrace of Grand Hyatt.  I had heard/saw write-ups about the company Shift these several months and by accident, Iwasa san who has helped me with the radio show lately mentioned the company & Tange san.  I asked for the introduction and the lunch meeting was arranged,.

I have little idea as to what Shift does (other than 3rd party quality assurance  of software) but have found our conversation extremely interesting and stimulating.  How he makes sure that people working for the company stay motivated and excited has caught my attention, as well as his intention? to bring structure to many things they do.  (I am a big fan of bringing structure, though not to business, but the way I spend days.)

I felt passion and energy Tange san feels about his business and the future of the industry as well as how smooth and inviting the way Iwasa san ask questions.  Many lessons learned.

I wish young people have these opportunities to meet with people who are dedicated to what they do and who find tremendous pleasure in what they do.  Their passion and excitement is contagious and I felt so reenergized. ()In fact, I was feeling a bit lost these days as I realized I have so little to give back.)

Tange san and others at Shift Co; who arranged the lunch and Iwasa san who introduced me, thank YOU so much for the great opportunity.

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