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I spent five days in Brazil last week. (It took two days to travel back and forth to Vancouver. It was long, but much better than the last one I did in April from Tokyo!) All the flights I took were from Vancouver to Chicago, Chicago to Sao Paolo, San Paulo to Salvador and back. (My way back was through Newark, and not Chicago.)  I made 2.5 speeches – first at ITForum + in Bahia, the second at Bunkyo at Sao Paulo, and brief talk at Japan Chamber of Commerce luncheon at Sao Paulo.  I joined panel at ITForum+ and at Bunkyo event.  Both went on and on until about 10:00 pm, making me realize that the people in Brazil seem to be active until very late.  I did several interviews in Bahia and in Sao Paulo, some of which have been already broadcast.  I visited museums-Japan House, Japanese Immigration Museum and the restaurant at the Modern Museum(I believe it is the name.)

I found the trip very interesting, exciting and inspiring.  When I am invited to give a talk, I show up for rehearsal, do the speech and leave.  So spending three days in Sao Paulo was very nice, and I am grateful to Gioji Okuhara for taking time to plan the events.

Now that I had some glimpse of Sao Paulo (including traffic!) and met with many people (I almost ran out of name cards!), I have a little better understanding of Brazil, I trust.  As promised, I made a short iMovie of the photos I took. (Now I made VOICE OVER in English and revised the iMovie a bit.)   Here it is.

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