Today, November 24, was very exciting with inspiring events AND quite hectic day as I had to go from one place to another behind schedule. The day started with BBC Radio interview with Roger Herring & Yumiko  Murakami at Canal Cafe near the Imperial Palace.

After that I had briefing with auditors at the company where I serve as outside board member. Then I went to chiropractic treatment. I felt much better afterwards to regain energy after a while.

Board meeting took much longer than usual with some rather complicated discussion required. I rushed to the Finland Embassy where we were invited by the ambassador. As I was late, I tried to call only to find that I do not have telephone number of the people.

It was very nice of the ambassador and his staff to invite two teams of Global Agenda Seminar series who did the project for FCCJ to talk and dinner. (More on this to continue.)

Then I rushed to Roppongi Hills Club where Alumni get-together of McKinsey was held. I missed some people as I did not get there after nine, but managed to talk with some. It was hectic, but very exciting day….. I am glad I got home before midnight!