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Unlike in the past few years, I did not write the greetings for the holidays and new year until now.  I had planned to do it after I go to NYC tomorrow, but decided to do it today. (it is almost done). I reviewed my activities in the year 2018 as usual and happened to find my last year’s greetings, which triggered me to write this.

Here it is.

“Will new year bring opportunity to make the world better?  The answer to this question is always “Yes” in my mind.  In order to ensure that the new year is better than the last, however, we need to ask ourselves the following questions.  “Is the new year better than the last for the world with us doing nothing?” and “Will everyone in the world be better off?”

I was surprised to hear quite a few people in Japan responded that this year will be definitely better than before, when interviewed by the media on the street.  They seem to feel that Japan will see better year,  as the new Emperor will ascend to the throne and preparations are underway for the major world events of Olympics and Para Olympics. Why was I surprised at this response?  It is because the distance between Japan and the world I wrote in my last year’s greetings is even more increasing.

The world is faced with many challenges such as climate change, deeper divides and increasing inequality where many different views exist for the facts and solutions. I believe we need to challenge our traditional beliefs and assumptions when faced with such transformational changes. Considerable energy and effort are required to remain open to different views and opinions from our own, while we are constantly pressed for time. We should not give up asking questions about status quo and seeking solutions to achieve inclusive growth, no matter how busy we are.

I discontinued workshop/brainstorming series I had hosted for five years and began new initiatives.  With the team of some 10 who responded to my call for help, we continued experiment and trial & error. We encountered many issues and obstacles, and now in the process of refining the details.

I made impulse decision to enroll for the online course for Beginners Programming. I struggled and suffered a lot but finished the first course. Encouraged and excited by this experience, I took the second course.  From April until October, I was constantly under pressure to hand in assignment for the course in time.  I was always thinking and trying to finish the assignment in time whether I was overseas for the conference or at the resort for vacation. I still have a long way to go, but never thought of quitting. (I suppose I must like it.)

I continued to serve as non-executive director for a few companies and to give talk and seminars (lately many in English) overseas as well as in Japan.”

I have post many blog entries about family, so this is mainly for the work.  Happy New Year!



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