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Though iPad MINI has been in such a demand in the US.,  I find many MINI in Japan, that is, the size of many things.  In fact, Japanese companies including Sony  used to be known for miniaturization technology.  The lifestyle characterized by the term (MOTTAINAI- philosophy against? consumption and for the innovative way to make the best of the limited resources including space) has characterized the lifestyle in Japan.

In fact, when I come back home to Tokyo after some time in the US (Hawaii, in particular), I notice that everything in Japan is small.  Coffee maker, blender, glasses, mug in the kitchen,  milk, juice, snack, etc. at the grocery store, just to name a few.

Even at Starbucks, they start with Tall, and no Short (this may be kid’s stuff!).  Even as is now, I believe the size in the US has gotten somewhat smaller from three decades ago!

People are much smaller in size –not necessarily shorter, but skinnier and somewhat less packed.  (I always think of ice cream cone that is so full in the US, while not quite so in Japan, when I think of people!)

One thing that has not been reduced in size seems to be the size of people.  Every time I land in Hawaii, I am overwhelmed by the size of the people.  I hear so often now that obesity has caused so much health issues including the health care cost.  As no-smoking campaign has succeeded quite well,  it is time to work on the size of the people, through diet and healthy food?

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