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At Summer Davos in Dalian last week, I attended the session entitled Visualization of data where the presenter showed us how he created his own book using a variety of data now available.  I was fascinated by it, but what impressed me most was the book he created for his father who passed away a few years ago, using all that were left.

His own annual report was based heavily on digital data, but his father’s book was more based upon analog materials.   I liked the idea of leaving the story of ordinary people’s life

Then I came across with this video of TED entitled Museum of You.  It talks about the importance of listening in the first part and tried to capture same idea.  The tape reminded me of the exercise we did before. I asked students the following question.  “If you can meet with anybody you want in the world, who do you want to meet and what questions would you ask?”

As I watched the whole video, it tried to extend the idea of engagement even more and ended with the story of the Museum and Memorial for  9/11.

Take a look the video and see how you feel.  I like the message  “everybody’s life is a poetry..”

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