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  There have been many events canceled in Tokyo since the earthquake and tsunami in Tohoku.  In my understanding, some events have been canceled because the speakers etc. decided not to come to Japan for the nuclear concern, which is understandable.  But more events and performances seem to have been canceled, the reasons for which I do not quite understand. 

 I feel that we need to continue our activities to keep our economy going and to redesign and  rebuild the country.   I do not think we can do much for the nuclear plant situations, as many of us are not experts in the field.  We can make donation, send relief goods, and make every possible arrangement in our own capacity to get things delivered to the people who have been suffering in the region for almost three weeks.

   What we can do wherever we are, is to continue our activities so that we can get ready for the new step.  We need not just cancel the event, but we can do it in the way that is appropriate for the occasion.  It may be a good time for us to think of the original objective of having the event, whether they are trade show, seminar or concert etc. and think of new ways to accomplish th original objective.  It is time for us to be creative, imaginative and innovative so that we can maintain the original objective and design something diffferent to achieve it. 

  I canceled Open Forum scheduled for March 18, as  we were not sure about the rolling blackout and traffic situation.  I am trying to reschedule it in the middle of April, probably with the different content from the one I originally thought of, but with the same spirit and for the similar purpose. We need to go back to the original objective of the Open Forum, think through what it means in the current context of a series of disasters and what we can do to meet, even partially, the original objective.   I am not certain whether we can do it, but it is definitely worth trying.

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  1. Yoko

    I do agree with you. We need to care about those who suffer from the earthquake but this dose not mean we should give up all things we do… we need to move things going on …

    Friend of mine will hold performance event this weekend. I am helping donation activity there. You will find someone you know at ICS!

    (The list for performers on 4/2)

    • yishikura
    • April 2nd, 2011

    Hi, Yumi, this is Yoko. Thanks for your comment. I just checked URL you gave me. I realized t is today and tomorrow. Hope it will be a great success!

  2. Nice to me you! I enjoy reading your blog every day, but this is a first time for me to leave a comment. I think that events should be held as long as we can assure the safety of the participants or the audience. I agree with you that now is the time to think about the original objective of the event or the group itself. From this point, since I am a leader of an amateur chamber orchestra, our original objective is to enjoy classical music with an audience and players, and sharing a precious time and place with them. So I decided to hold our regular concert in Tokyo in this April, and I really feel that I want to enjoy music and a live performance with all the participants during the concert.

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