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After I was finished with facilitating the Workspace session in the morning of the third day at Davos,  I felt quite relieved and decided to go to the sessions I am interested in.

First I went to the lunch panel sponsored by Infosys.  The title of the panel was “Social Network vs. CEO”. The room was overflown with so many people interested in the topic.  The panelists included top management of Cisco, Manpower, Reuter, Infosys and the INSEAD professor.  The discussion was very lively and the message I heard from the panelists was positive.  The takeaway for me was the huge potential that social network medium including Facebook, Twitter and You Tube etc.  brings to the corporations, as they empower individuals wherever to express, share, and contribute information and knowledge.  It is true that we have negative side of the social network media, but overall, the message was focusing on the positive side of it and great potential we have just touched upon.

In the afternoon, I went back to the Congress hall where I ran into Prof. Michael Porter of Harvard.  We talked briefly about the current status, how we found the annual meeting, etc. Then I went to participate in the Harvard University ideaslab facilitated by John Maeda.  I participated in the group discussing the role of private enterprise in healthcare.  The other groups included the U.S. health care, evidence based perspective of health care, health care reform in Mexico and the community buildup project in health care in Africa.  In ideaslab, everybody participates and the high energy level is maintained.  I had fun participating.

The day ended with going from one reception to another, meeting with old friends, enjoying wine (I was off the hook!) and enjoying good food.   I did not go to the one starting after 11:00 p.m., and hit the sack, after 4-hour sleep night!  It was a full day.

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