December 17 was the last day in NYC for this trip.  It was pouring all day (but not snow as the temperature was around 33F all day), and I spent all morning reviewing interview memo I received, revising draft, packing after my daily workout around 5:30 am at the Equinox sports club as usual.  Around lunch time, I decided to go out as I was getting tired of staying inside and tried the Italian place near Carnegie Hall, my favorite where thin crust pizza  is so good. (In fact, we ordered it when I had dinner w my mentor and his wife before I went to Zankel Hall on Friday.) The place was packed for lunch (it is crazy for pre-theater from 5:00 to 7:00) with people with holiday spirits. The bartender game me a glass of sparking wine to celebrate and I thoroughly enjoyed thin crust pizza. I paid with card and left with the box of left over pizza to bring home. After I worked at the public space near Lincoln Center, I came home, only to find my card was missing!  I thought I must have misplaced it  at the Italian place when I paid.   I called the restaurant and to my big relief, they had it and kept it for me.  I walked back in the rain and got it back.  (I checked with my bank and nobody was used it!)

So it was a bit scary moment, which turned out to be fine.  Last item on the list was the Brandenburg Concert at Alice Tully Hall with Chamber Music Society.  It was the first time for me to be at the hall, but it was nice.  The annual concert (It seemed) had many regular customers who gave standing ovation.  I enjoyed the concert thoroughly.  Nice way to end the trip to NYC during holiday season.

I am now ready to head back home. (Very cold weather is forecast starting tonight, so I am leaving at the right time…)  I will be back here again in two weeks.